NO MONTHLY FEE-as For The Gps Trackers! Girafus® Pro-track-tor Pet Safety Tracker. Instead, it uses 2.4GHz RF-technology to transmit a radio signal between the collar tag and the base station. It is a perfect cat tracker is you lose it about ten times a day, even indoors. After spending more than 25 hours researching and testing four … It is … The Girafus is also a good option though can be a bit too bulky for some smaller cats. The cat tracker collar allows you to locate your pet wherever it happens to be, so your cat is safe wherever its adventure take it. When outside, they roam and hide in places not even a GPS tracker can keep an eye on, unlike dogs. RECHARGEABLE COIN CELLS CAN BE USED ALMOST EVERYWHERE: Girafus Cat tracker, bike alarms, bike lights, kitchen scales, some pokemon goo wristbands GPS tracker, pocket calculators, some electric candles, remote controls, hearing aids, thermometers and much more; You can buy Lir 2032 2025 2016 coin cell batteries in our Amazon Shop Amazon, the Amazon logo, are trademarks of, Inc. In dense areas, the tracker’s signal works up to more than half a mile. Ever worried about loosing your pet? Moreover, this is the only Radio Frequency operated pet tracker that has exceeded its frequency radius to 500 metres (which is the most in all RF trackers till now). Helps you track down up to 4 pets should they go missing, Directional tracking to guide you in the right direction, Uses safe 2.4GHz RF technology, will not interfere other wireless devices, Water splash resistant case for outdoor activities, Smart sleep mode for longer battery life of up to one month, Easy installation, insert battery, turn on, and you are good to go, Communication Standard: Digital 2.4 GHz RF (Frequency range: 2.40 – 2.48MHz), Battery Type: 3A for base unit, LIR2032 or CR2032 for tag unit, Battery Life Time with searching (10 mins a day): Base unit 120 days; Tag unit: LIR2032: 30 days, CR2032: 15 days, Beep Sound (at 10cm/3.9inch): 92db ± 3 db for base unit, 85db ± 3 db for tag unit, Weight: 35g for base unit, 4.2g for tag unit, Dimension (L/W/H): 95x65x14 mm for base unit, 38x25x11 mm for tag unit, Working Environment: with LIR2032 – Temperature: -15?~40? Loc8tor Tracking Cat Collar. Pros: Uses RF Technology (Easier to find & avoid subscriptions). Feel free to pin it on Pinterest or share it with them on Facebook... Click here to find out more about this Great LED Collar or sign up to our newsletter to get 50% off. Many of the most popular pet trackers on the market are too big and heavy for cats to wear. Designed and manufactured keeping in mind that cats usually do not travel farther than as much as 500 metres from their homes, Girafus cat tracker has its Radio Frequency tracking radius within 500 metres of the owner’s remote. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Girafus Cat Tracker RF finder longest Range up to 1600 ft lightest pet safety tracking device only 8gr small pets dog Pro-track-tor Pet Tracker at This model can track up to four pets, using its extensive coverage of a 500-meter range. Smartphone app or stand-alone device: The bulk of cat trackers work with an accompanying smartphone app. TKSTAR GPS Pet Tracker Review – Pros and Cons, How to use? The girafus cat tracker a lightweight tracker that makes use of radiofrequency. Girafus Cat Tracker RF Finder. This ultimate Girafus pro-TRACK-tor Pet Tracker 227PA is the best solution for such situations! As well as the best place to buy and get free post and packaging. Girafus Cat Tracker. The most interesting feature of this tracking system is that the LEDs and signal sounds can be turned off according to your needs. The batteries last up to 45 days. With safe Radio Frequency Technology, Girafus cat tracker is a perfect alternative for Global Positioning Systems. On the other hand, the base handset is the remote that you carry with yourself. Quick Facts: Color: Offered in several colors; How little time they need to become our habit! Click here for availability on Amazon. Cats never follow rules (and always have their own agenda of either you find them or stay alone!). After setup, operating the tracker was straightforward. Here’s the first cat GPS tracker option that won’t … May 23, 2016. Long detection range. The signal sounds and LEDs beep and blink for easy tracking of the pet from a distance. It has a range of 3.2 km. No subscription is needed; the tracker works via radio frequency. GET PEACE OF MIND with the RF tracker of Girafus and FIND YOUR BELOVED PET WHEREVER HIDES Girafus Pro-track-tor WORKS IN and OUTDOORS You can find your furry friend even if is hiding in garages, cellars, neighbors house, and many other places! Key Features: One of the smallest and lightweight trackers at just .28 ounces; Includes a range up to 1600 feet (in clear line of sight) This radio frequency pet tracker is best for small cats and dogs because it probably has the smallest and lightest tags compared to other options. Check Girafus cat tracker in action: The accuracy of Girafus Pro-track-tor is arguably a reliable tracker as it can track your cat’s direction and distance up to 500 meters of the radius in a clear line of sight. Further, there is a Smart Sleep mode that allows you to stretch the battery life to one month or more by limiting the tracking usage when not required. They love to sit on your laptops while you are trying to work and knock coffee mugs and phones off the counters. This tracker guarantees peace of mind, being able to track your pet within a … The hand held tracker … The tags that are connected to this handset are attached to the cat’s collar via Velcro straps, and can send signals from a distance of even 500 metres. It provides all the standard features of GPS cat trackers. Collar beep is great for training cat to come home. The tracker is aimed for cats that sneak up in small places where you can’t find them. This radio frequency pet tracker is best for small cats and dogs because it probably has the smallest and lightest tags compared to other options. The Findster Duo is a GPS tracker that doesn’t charge you a monthly fee, … If that’s how your cat behaves, you should find the best value with the Girafus tracker. There must be some times when you suddenly look up from your coffee cup to find it vanished like faded in the air itself, and then, you would not be able to trace it down because it just plays hide and seek so well. NO MONTHLY FEE!-as for the GPS Trackers! 4. Of the trackers we tested, the Girafus had the lowest profile and was best-suited to small cats. Whether you own a single cat or have a big furry family who all love to sneak out for untimely walks and hunts, this tracker would perfectly get you chase up to 4 different pets altogether even if they are in all different directions. Tractive GPS Tracker - Now Also Available for Cats - From the creators of the most-reliable dog tracker - GPS Tracking on iOS and Android - Always Know Where Your Cat is: Worldwide Coverage Free Shipping Fits most collars Safety Location update every 3 seconds 100% waterproof Available on your smartphone - GPS tracking and activity recording on the smartphone for your cat… Girafus cat tracker is designed to be two units linked together with its special, new system that can be truly trusted for the safety of your pet. Check Latest Price. Clearly, buying each tag unit individually is a costlier option as Girafus Technologies is providing special discounts for bulk buying. When it comes to monitoring and tracking your pet’s … Best Cat Tracker of December 2020: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews; Best Cat Tracker of December 2020: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews. The splash-proof surface provides 100% splash resistance (note that it is splash proof, not waterproof!) GPS Tracking on smartphone for your pet - Directly from the Manufacturer No.1 World Market Leader Pet Safety Worldwide Coverage Free Shipping Known from the Apple TV Spot Location update every 3 seconds 100% waterproof Available in iOS and Android - The Tractive GPS Tracker locates your dog any time, everywhere. Girafus Pet Safety Tracker. This ultimate Girafus®Pet Tracker 227PA is the best solution for such situations! Girafus Caricabatterie per Pile a Bottone Ricaricabili LIR 2032/2016 / 2025 – 4 Batterie LIR2032 3.7V Incluse - Universale: Adatto a Ogni Presa USB - by: Casa e cucina 1. We’ve also been looking at dog trackers recently, and Pawfit is definitily in the running. It can also be… All you need to do is insert the batteries to the pet's tag and handset locator, clip the tag to your cat's collar, switch both of them on, and you are ready to go! Like a personal radar system, the tag attached to the pet’s collar responds to your handheld locator, allowing you to detect the exact distance and direction in which your pet is hiding. It can work both indoors and … NO MONTHLY FEE-as For The Gps Trackers! The Girafus RF tracker is among the longest-range radio frequency trackers on the market, allowing you to receive signals from up to 1,600 feet away. By combining GPS, GLONASS, Gallileo, Wi-Fi and beacon tracking we have developed the world’s most accurate cat tracker. The Marco Polo comes with a tracking tag for your cat and a locator, which can track up to 3 pets. It communicates a directional tracking guide that helps you reach your feline friends in the right direction. Indoor Cat Vs. Added to this, while most RF trackers have a frequency of just about 150 to 200 metres, Girafus cat tracker amazingly uses safe Digital 2.4GHz Radio Frequency Technology with a frequency range of 2.40 to 2.48MHz which gives it the coverage limit of about 500 metres to track your pet better and faster! The Girafus Pro-track-tor is one of the proud products, free of any monthly charge or network complications. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence Review – How does it work? Added to that, if your pet is a cat, you probably have accepted it to be your boss. The PetFon Pet GPS Tracker is our choice for GPS trackers that require no monthly fee. Girafus Trackers give me a real piece of mind when I'm wondering where the cats are. Apart from this, the gadget comes with a Silicone Sleeve Splash proof Case that makes it able to resist slight splashes. The temperature indicator alerts you when the temperature drops too low for the device to handle. Girafus Pro-track-tor Pet Tracker RF Technology Dog and Cat Locator Finder 3 Sender Girafus Pro-track-tor Pet Tracker RF Technology Dog and Cat Locator Finder 2 Sender Guardian Angel Kid Tracker Child finder Pet Locator Alarm Protection Security 1 Sender Cats love to stay indoors, but never stay in front of you until they themselves want to cuddle. Make sure your phone is compatible. While you can whistle in space and your dog will come running back to you if it can, that’s not the case with cats. Safe 2.4GHz RF-Technologie. Girafus Pro-track-tor RF Pet Tracker is an ideal pet tracker for cats or dogs that do not wander away to extremely far off places from their homes. If the tracker is heavy, your cat will probably keep scratching it with his paws until it snaps off. Of the trackers we reviewed, the Girafus Pro-Track-Tor demanded the most hands-on assembly time. A cat tracker is technology that you attach to your cat’s collar, the tracker sends out signals that lets you know your cat’s location. This ultimate Girafus®Pet Tracker 227PA is the best solution for such situations! Products that are produced under the Brand Girafus and the ones yo Cyber Security – Does it affect Pet Trackers? 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Whereas, the Girafus cat tracker may work more efficiently with LIR2303 chargeable cell batteries (with the associated charger) that are suitable in as low as minus 15⁰ C to as high as 40⁰ C and humidity level of 20% to 80% again. The strength of the transmission from the tag received by the handset is used to indicate distance as well as direction. The GPS cat tracker is a complete tracking system that shows the GPS location of your feline with different modes: maps (classic or satellite view), compass and radar (opposite). Pawfit. The Girafus cat tracker comes with a Velcro strap that goes around the collar and attaches itself to it. FEATURES WATCH VIDEO 4 levels of tracking: GPS/GNSS/Galileo/WiFi Sleek and robust design Intuitive mobile app (iOS & Android) Rechargeable batteries x2 Geo fencing Global coverage Multi-cat tracking … Users of Girafus Pro-track-tor Pet Safety Tracker love the product and have stated that it is a comparatively better option to various other alternatives in terms of communication range, money worth, user experience and pet’s comfort. The Tabcat Cat Tracker uses its sounds and lights to track a Cat Tracker Tag to within 2.5 cm. Girafus Pro Cat Tracker. ... Best For Cats aims to provide pet cat owners with the best in product reviews, news and information to keep your cat … Key Features: Indoor or outdoor use; Up to 30 days of battery life; Does not work below freezing; Cost: $65 Ideal for small cats or dogs. Track up to four pets. It works well both outdoor and indoor. Further, the base unit is 95x65x14 mm while the tag unit is 38x25x11 mm only, which is so small and light that your cat would not even feel it. They say ‘Who owns a pet once, remains the owner forever’.