“There is dangerous risk of oversimplification in making Weber seem cold and heartless to such a degree that an efficiently-run Nazi death camp might appear admirable” (Bureaucracy Theory). It also builds precautionary measures on cutting edge technology. Organisations are organic systems because they have adaptability and flexibility to interact with environmental situations. In this way, the superior gives instructions or orders to the subordinates (various levels of management) and gets back the information from the subordinate regarding the operations carried down at different levels or stages. It is concerned with the study or work motivation of employees of the organisation. MY ACCOUNT HELP DESK; Find Books. The importance of the decision quality and acceptance. The modern theory of bureaucracy, derived largely from the German sociologist Max Weber, is a formal codification of the idea of rational organization and the major element in the rationalization of modern capitalism. A teleological analysis of businesses leads to the inclusion of all involved stakeholders in decision-making. Although this theory of modernization seemed to pride itself on only the benefits, countries in the Middle East saw this movement in a new light. The Modern Theory has the following criticisms: i. This theory was given by Herbert. Depending upon how much an organisation interacts with its counterparts abroad, the structures keep changing every time a new relationship is formed either in terms of adding or deleting an alliance. These theories of organizations include Bureaucracy. Functional grouping of activities helps in clear identification of work to be performed by various departments. Under the division of labour, the production of a commodity is divided into the maximum number of different divisions. The coverage promoted “psychic mobility” among the social class and increased the aspirations of many hopefuls in developing economic countries. When high-skilled employees are necessary for the bureaucracy and public opinion shapes decision-making, competent officers are more likely to be selected. Account Disable 12. The human theories focused on people as means to achieve the tasks. Besides, firms which operate in dynamic environment are more flexible in their operations and, therefore, adopt participative theory while firms operating in stable environment work better according to principles of classical organisation. As uses of newspapers, TVs, and radios become more prevalent, the need for direct contact, a concept traditional organizations took pride in, diminishes. Goal specification provides guidelines for specific tasks to be completed along with a regulated way for resources to be allocated. The facilities or advantages of suitable training, easy allocation of work, job scheduling and effective control are also obtained from specialisation. Faculty in this subfield are interested in the political dynamics of policy-making and policy implementation, including such topics as agenda-setting, regulatory decision-making, and federalism. It has been argued that the contingency theory implies that a leader switch is the only method to correct any problems facing leadership styles in certain organizational structures. A theory, in this case bureaucracy, is considered to be teleological if it involves aiming at specific goals. Theory is a way of relating concepts, which help in understanding a particular situation. The main contribution of this theory highlights the importance of the committee management and better communication. b. This brief, readable overview of public administration theory is the only book of its kind.