If you don’t have a ton of cash, consider the Dolomite by Mongoose. Stan’s No Tubes Hugo 29″ Plus Tubeless 52mm Rim. These monsters give you unprecedented traction, riding easily on snow, mud, slick rock, sand or even ice. : A good quality fat tire bike under $400? BikesDirect? This light (40lbs) and robust Gravel/Road bike with solid steering and responsive power will hold a steady line over even the loosest ground. This will enhance your experience when riding trails. Well under 35 pounds for below $1k is a tall order, but the Gravity is right around that weight (less if you pick a small frame) and it would probably meet your needs. For gearing, the Wolftrax sports a Truvativ double crank (38/28T) paired to a SRAM NX Eagle front and rear derailleurs and shifters. Retail is about $11.3k. Let’s get started! All our Otso fat bikes can be custom built to order, or sourced from their stock build kits. But it’s a refined beast; with sealed cartridge bearings and an included rust-resistant chain, it’ll ride smoothly in harsh conditions. The tough, classic welded aluminum frame is paired to an oversized front fork. Giant is excellent, I think you’re gonna be really happy with it. We offer … $789.99 Sale $599.99. Sub Category Selections. Clearance Bikes; Clearance Accessories; Clearance Clothing; Coupons; Clearance models, sizes and colours change on a regular basis. You’re looking at basic gear. Please see our Shipping FAQ for more details including information about ordering backordered items. Honestly, it reminds me of a vintage ’80s hardtail mountain frame. Fat Bikes Canada is experiencing a much higher order volume than usual. Custom build weights from 22 lbs are possible! We’re in the middle of a bike boom, folks. (Hunting for a deal? This is another Salsa specialty, but it’s different from the previous fat bike in some important ways. opening hours. Speaking of smooth shifting, the overall experience of riding this fat bike is smooth and easy, thanks to how it can tackle the toughest of terrain as a result of its 26 by 4.8 inch tires. SOLD OUT. With the versatile Wolftrax Alloy, Framed has created a fat bike with the soul of a BMX. Sarma Naran 100 Carbon Rims – Pair. I am fit for my age, but I don’t want any broken bones at 67. To reduce the weight of the bike, it’s built with a 1 x 12 drivetrain with SRAM X1 1000 Eagle crankset as well as an SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed rear derailleur. ), Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike, 17-Inch Frame, Disc Brakes. 35 would be tops. Filter Filter Close menu. This light (40lbs) and robust Gravel/Road bike with solid steering and responsive power will hold a steady line over even the loosest ground. And they’re way more responsive and fun than you’d expect. RideFATbikes.ca is a cycling business specializing in custom frame-up builds of high-end MTB, GRAVEL and FAT Bikes from around the world. Home Fat Bikes Bike Tires MagicShine Lights Bike Headlights Bike Light Combo Bike Taillights Bike Lights Accessories Bike … hi i have seen a few cheaper fat bikes on ebay for £99 i was wondering what you think about these as they are from china and do you think they are worth buying? Custom builder of MTB, GRAVEL and FAT BIKES - located in Burlington Ontario Canada. Wheel Size 26 Fat / 27.5 Fat Blizzard Fat Bike The forecast is calling for cold temperatures, a dump of snow, and all you want to do is ride your bike. Qty: View cart () Continue shopping Welcome to Borealis Bikes Canada. Current ride: a Norco XFR. Turned out to be 26×4.6 rims/tires….a 17.5″ frame or Medium. It’s monstrous, it’s slick, and it’s eye catching; one of the best, cheap fat tire bikes you can find today. Specialized Fat Bikes feature four-inch tires for sand, snow, and everything in-between. RideFATbikes.ca offers many different versions of the custom built ATOMIK PHATTY / BERD / INDUSTRY NINE 26” x 85mm carbon wheelsets, with lifetime warranties, and under 1800gr /pr! For starters, it’s got a trendy pink and black design. It represents everything that the Climbduro team believes. The bike’s short rear end is useful when you’re tackling slippery terrain, such as during a climb. This cruiser earns respect since it cuts through sand just as smoothly as it swerves through the boardwalk. Complete Bike Delivery = 2nd week of February. If you’re looking for a bike that will allow you to achieve greater speed and agility, then this is not the right fit for your needs. Please help. $369.99 Sale $349.99 SOLD OUT . You want to feel confident when using any bike, but especially a fat bike that you’re taking on trails. 1 2 ... 8 Refine Products. The brakes are of the SRAM Guide T variety which give you excellent control. Internal cable housing routing, stealth dropper post routing means nothing gets tangled up or damaged due to external sources making it incredibly convenient. This allows for smoother shifting and offers a range of gears so you can deal with whatever terrain you find yourself on while guaranteeing it won’t fail or skip. New sale products are regularly added to this page. To reduce the weight of the bike, it’s built with a 1 x 12 drivetrain with SRAM X1 1000 Eagle crankset as well as an SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed rear derailleur. The bike’s compatible with both 26-inch and 29-inch wheels so you can tailor it to the type of terrain you want to navigate. Fleet SLR. The lightweight carbon frame, rigid carbon fork, and top-notch 1x drivetrain make it great for mountain bikers who prioritize performance in a fat bike. The Stomper has one heck of an attitude and still manages to be graceful in its designs. As this is the company’s first fat bike, it’s quite amazing that it’s such a high-quality model and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Felt fat bikes. Submit. Designed in Canada. It shifts nicely, and the micro gearing gives you huge power, so it’s a beast on trails. 1958g to 2110g. BMX. After a couple hours on this fat cruiser, your knees will thank  you since forward pedaling reduces the range of motion in each revolution. Borealis Fat Bikes Canada. Since fat bikes experience more wear and tear than regular bikes because of how they’re used on various terrain, this is an important feature. Out of stock $ 219.00 $ 169.00. Actually, I paid only $200 plus tax in an end of summer discount sale at Costco. 150/197 TA, XD Driver. The large tires and rims lend stability as you ride on soft surfaces that change unpredictably from dirt to sand to mud and beyond. . This affordable fat tire bike is equipped with absolutely awesome Shimano hydraulic brakes. From dunes to drifts, snow to sand, race to recreation, fat bikes let you tackle anything, at any time, for any reason. All our Otso fat bikes can be custom built to order, or sourced from their stock build kits. dec 31st 10:30-3:00 pm. The ride stance is mid-aggressive, with mountain handlebars. A very special, one-of-a-kind WYATT MAVERICK has arrived, and will be built up just after New Years 2021. Vélo Cadence is a bike store located in St-Basile on the south shore of Montreal. The custom, butted-steel frame and steel fork are built to take a beating (and come with a lifetime warranty.) The five models reviewed above are a great way for anyone who is curious about the ride quality of a fat bike to get into the category. Go to refine section. As with any piece of quality outdoor gear, you’ll want to consider the cost of trying your hand at fat biking. I haven’t been super impressed with GMC’s other models in the past. This Co-op Cycles fat bike is all about boosting your performance when you’re in the great outdoors. Fat bikes have massive tires specially designed for low ground pressure. Thank you for your understanding. Shop now H2Pro Frame Bag. Elite fat tire riders may be put off by a the SX Eagle shifters, but we had no issue. You can get this model in large or 18”, suitable for riders with a body height of 5’6” to 6′ and is built on a beach cruiser frame and not designed for heavy mountain biking . If we purchased fat bikes, they would most likely become our primary bikes. Of course, the bike’s calling card is its signature 4.6-inch tires. $769.99 Sale $499.99 SOLD OUT. Learn More. The single-walled wheels host huge, toothy, 26 inch Chaoyang tires, with 4 inches of width. This particular model is one of the best fat tire bikes on the market for a few reasons. 289-968-5959 . The bicycle pictured up top is a Schlick; it’s an amazing, beautiful, bike, but not exactly inexpensive. Wheel Size 26 Fat / 27.5 Fat Shop the best electric bikes in 7 different categories, most of any ebike company in North America. Thank you, Hi Stacey, your weight won’t be a problem, but at your height even a small bike is gonna be tricky. What gives? Wheel Size 26 Fat / 27.5 Fat Blizzard Fat Bike The forecast is calling for cold temperatures, a dump of snow, and all you want to do is ride your bike. The beefy bikes have more raw materials in them, which pushes up the price tag. And, found the gmc Yukon… Any thoughts on that one? All Fat Bike Bikes. borealisbikescanada@hotmail.com . LG. Giant TCR Espoir 24. Perhaps more than any other brand, Salsa has infuenced and advanced the design of the modern fat bike. The bike has 760mm handlebars that allow for greater, more comfortable control. With these prices - anything is possible. Fat Bikes Canada is experiencing a much higher order volume than usual. You definitely could replace your mountain bikes with them, but you’ll sacrifice having suspension parts and a bit of agility. This makes it easier to mount and dismount the bike, especially if you have to do so quickly. This Felt fat bike has Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Light four-inch tires. Compatible with almost every wheelsize available, from 26” and 27.5” Fat to 27.5+ to 29er, the LES Fat is a four-season hardtail that can take you from singletrack to snow to sand with no compromises. Unfortunately most of the selections are designed for slimmer, competitive riders, but there are other options such as motorcycle jackets and pants. If versatility in a fat bike is an important feature you look for, then you’ll love this Salsa model. The Oso’s large (160mm) Tektro mechanical disc brakes are well-suited to stop well in mucky terrain. Hope T-Rex 40T Expander Sprocket. Fat Tire E-Bikes eMTB E-Bikes eMTB Full Suspension Speed Pedelec E-Bikes 28mph+ E-Bikes for Men E-Bikes for Women Step-Thru E-Bikes Collection ... CLEARANCE E-BIKES. 3 products. Iike a lottery winner after 10 years haha, Check out these 26″ fat tire mags – https://www.ebay.com/i/142459539365, I recently saw a fat bike on a TV show riden by a very heavy girl.i am 5′ and 250lbs. Hi Harry, I agree that this one is due for an update, stay tuned! Mountain bikes, cross-country, enduro and Fat bike Whether for mountain expeditions or for hiking, mountain biking is the right model for those who want better control. Has dropper too Comes with 27.5 wheels and tires are 2.8 tubeless Upgraded to the best fork in my opinion the Pike and Chromag bars and stem 35mm. The bike’s wheelbase is 1100mm to 1215mm (although that does depend on the size) but this serves to make your riding experience feel much more controlled, even when you’re navigating tough ground that would make other bikes not seem up to the challenge. Thank you for your understanding. closed jan 1st ,2nd 3rd, happy holidays These five are just a handful of the great, cheap fat tire bikes you can find these days. ATOMIK PHATTY carbon wheelset w/ INDUSTRY HYDRA hubs and BERD aerospace poylmer spokes. At less than half the cost of every other bike on this list, that’s the trade-off. This fat bike has a carbon fiber frame that increases stiffness while also preventing vibrations from making your ride less comfortable. Heavy? Just like with the other Salsa model on our list, this bike has many frame mounts so you can store various accessories. In Stock, Ready to Ship. Includes Headset, RD Hanger, Seat Collar and Rear Axle. Tons of carbon parts, including the crankset, bars, frame. One of a kind Enduro polished alloy wheelset from Industry 9. FATBACK (frames) - All models / sizes / colours. It’s not a super-stylish bike. Several retailers are running sales even before Black Friday. Shop for Opus Bikes at thebikeshop.com Great prices & huge discounts. All-Natural Grape; I took a jiffy marker and colored them in haha So i got my fat bike and for less than i figured. If you’re looking for the most bike for your money, consider Trek’s impressive Roscoe line of mid-fat tire bikes. Louis Garneau gives you a complete custom collection of apparel and clothing. RideFATBikes.ca and SQLab have partnered together to ship direct to you anywhere in Canada! Kids Bikes 2-4 Years Old, 12" Bikes 3-5 Years Old, 16" Bikes 5-9 Years Old, 20" Bikes 9-12 Years Old, 24" Bikes 12-16 Years Old, 26" Bikes View All Kids Bikes BMX Bikes Dirt Park Street View All BMX Electric Bikes Electric Road Electric Mountain Electric Commuter View all electric bikes The Wednesday is built like a tank but impressively lightweight. Sand dune up ahead? Liv Rove 3 Disc. Calgary Cycle is Canada's premier bike shop. Fat bikes have to be more rugged and capable of withstanding more abuse than any other bike in your garage. More details can be found in our SUSPENSION section. The Wednesday totes a SRAM NX Eagle DUB crankset and SRAM SX Eagle rear derailleur. Salsa Beargrease Carbon NX  is built with comfort in mind, thanks to how it’s been designed with a low bottom bracket so that your center of gravity can remain low. Recon HL 1800. Please allow 3–5 days processing time on your order. Fat bikes are perfect for the mountain bike rider that wants to continue riding through all seasons. … Hi Stephen, no I wouldn’t do it. Framed has been delivering on fat bikes for years. Trek is a major brand. From Singletrack to Snow—One Bike Rules It All The Pivot LES Fat is the world’s most versatile big-tire machine. The drivetrain is basic but effective: you have 10 speeds (1×10), using an SRAM RD-GX derailleur and an SL-GX shifter. And they look incredible. If you want a cheaper fat bike with pretty good reviews, you’ll need to focus on bigger brands. Sale! High Fiber Green; Fool's Gold; Krampus All Mountain 29+ Bike. Wheel Size 26 Fat / 27.5 Fat Reg. 10:30 am- 4:00 pm. And don't forget to check back in! From LA to Miami every cruiser enthusiast knows you can’t go far into the sand on a cruiser. Alloy frame + carbon fork or Mastodon COMP/PRO suspension. Sometimes it simply lacks the grip you get from increased weight naturally this also depends a lot on the user riding the bike. Clearance - Lowest Prices and Free shipping available from the worlds largest online bike store - Chain Reaction Cycles Giant TCX Espoir 24. Clearance eBikes. What’s the Best Leather Bicycle Saddle on a Budget? In the bike world, like many others, you get what you pay for. Retail around $10.5-11k. Salsas specialty Q-factor crank is also present on this bike that means it’s kinder to your knees. Please see our Shipping FAQ for more details including information about ordering backordered items. Salsa Beargrease Carbon GX Eagle Fat Bike. Sounds great, let's hit it! But this is also one of the drawbacks of this bike. “What is the best Fat Bike suspension fork for my bike?” We receive many calls and emails about this topic. Learn More. $109.99 - $129.99. 9) Trek Farley 5: An mid-tier fat bike with great reviews The new RadRover 5 seamlessly blends rugged capabilities and exceptional comfort. Sounds great, let's hit it! Fat tire bikes are cool! Located in Burlington Ontario, RIDEFATBIKES.ca was incorporated in 2015, and conducts business across Canada and the USA. Norco fat bikes give you the traction and control you need to tackle any surface anytime. Need SQ LAB 311 Flex carbon bars, Stems, Ergo-Active custom-fit Saddles, Innerbarends, or 711/7OX grips, but not located near our studio? Fat bikes can truly go where no other bikes can. Nearing the end of summer ’19. WYATT MAVERICK (2021 model) : All sizes and colours available! I don’t think that’s correct. Best and lowest prices in Canada. He wrote back and I could tell he had no clue about bike sizes. They’re brandless, mechanical discs that can be tuned up for decent stopping power (I do recommend a professional tune here). This Salsa fat bike costs $2,699, so it’s a bit more budget-friendly than the previous product but it has many of the same excellent features, which makes it value for money. This Felt fat bike costs $1,799 which is an excellent price for a tough bike that’s an all-rounder. You will find your next road bike, mountain bike or your hybrid bike. If you find it too big, I reckon you can easily re-sell it in Ohio! I wouldn’t be too deterred by the mixed reviews. In addition, many riders — new and experienced alike — have looked at fat bike models to try. Especially in Canada, the majority of riders are going to experience this at some point. RideFATBikes.ca has been recording an extensive STACK and REACH fitment database for almost 6 years, cataloging the frame geometry designs of over 700 Fat Bike frames since before 2015. OTSO VOYTEK : First shipment of 120 bikes to North America sold out by Dec. 1st.