After a nuclear war killed almost all of the Earth's superhumans and brought the world to the brink of extinction, the Maestro seized control and became the ruler of Dystopia.Grey-haired and balding, the Maestro was clearly older than the Hulk bu… Maestro is an alternative version of the Hulk. Devil Hulkis an evil, demonesque Hulk who mocks the Savage Hulk for being a "frightened child" and for not being strong enough to coexist. How powerful The other Agents of S.M.A.S.H. The Mighty Thor cited that the Hulk may be stronger. Powers/Abilities: The Maestro has the exact same abilities as the Hulk but at double the level due to the years of gamma absorption. The level is set when connecting that Super Power to a character. In another alternate future the Hulk outlived mankind on earth and was still in his physical prime . This video explores the abilities, powers, and origin of the Marvel Comics character "Maestro." Driven insane by the devastation of everything he has lost, along with the excess radiation he absorbed after the nuclear fallout, the Hulk eventually adopted the new name 'Maestro'. On more than one occasion, the Hulk has nearly jumped into orbit. The Hulk, however, is far more powerful than Arm'Cheddon, who is comparable or more powerful than Silver Surfer, Hulk didn't struggle to defeat him, World Breaker Hulk is essentially a far more powerful World War Hulk, for perspective, World War Hulk, while suppressed defeated a full power Sentry, remember, he was holding back, World Breaker Hulk is FAR more powerful than World War Hulk even going all out, Hulk has destroyed entire universes against Darkcrawler, and again against Nightmare, he even once shook an infinite number of Dimensions, most recently, The Immortal Hulk was able to shake off Jane Foster, Wonderman, Rouge and Hercules like they were insects, that was after tanking an Asgardian level attack without even flinching. Strange, who is able to leave his body in an usually invisible, ghost-like state better known as an astral form. The Hulk also grows even stronger the more radiation and the more dark magic he absorbs. The Hulk has also been known to cover 1,000 miles with a single leap. With the agents' help, the future A-Bomb is able to cure the Hulk, changing the future and causing himself and the Maestro to fade away. The Maestro was part of the Marvel Legends action figure series. The Hulk can survive on very little sustenance, but after the Hulk adapts to a hostile environment (like space) he no longer needs sustenance and does not need air, water, food, or sleep. The initial entrance was guarded by the Machine Man, who led the Hulk to the 'Maestro' who ruled this group of survivors, the Hulk swiftly recognising him as Hercules[2]. of the Maestro's plot. The Hulk's healing factor enables him to recover from any physical transmutation. [25], The Maestro largely possesses the same powers as the Hulk, but to a greater degree than most incarnations due to the century's worth of radiation he has absorbed as a result of the nuclear wars that decimated his Earth (the present Hulk speculated that his insanity might also contribute to his greater strength). While it is possible it was merely a mirage, the issue suggests it is possible the Hulk was able to see a town that didn't exist in our plane of reality that no one else could see. While the Maestro has primarily appeared in video games, he made his animation debut in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., voiced by Fred Tatasciore. He also heals faster and more efficiently the madder he gets.